As a Business Owner

It starts with executives and purchasing agents locating dollars sent out of the area that could potentially be spent here in Lincoln. Then we’ve made the rest easy. These five steps help us stop passing the bucks……

  1. Agree to Participate:
    I want to make my community a better place to live by creating a stronger economy for my business. To that end, I’m making it my business to review our company’s out-of-area spending and consider, where possible, to return a portion to the Lincoln area.
    Join the Buy Lincoln First Program
  2. Hit the Books:
    Pinpoint dollars your company sends out of our area and look for a niche. It might be products, services, consumables like office supplies or printed materials, or items unique to your business. Need help finding 5%?
  3. Check for Partners:
    Use our website directory to find companies in the Lincoln area offering anything you need, or call us directly for assistance: 402-436-2350. We’ll help you find a partner.
  4. Buy Lincoln First
    Now it’s up to you. If you can get it locally, and it meets your needs, your standards, your price, why not buy here? Companies in the Lincoln area may not have everything you need, but they might have some of it!
  5. Share Your Story:
    Get some recognition for your hard work. Tell us how you were able to identify out of the area purchases, to bring back to the Lincoln area. Or tell us how you were able to help a company bring back dollars to our region by providing a new service or product to meet their needs. Tell us when you had to hire a new employee because of a new customer.

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