Lincoln Chamber Promotes Buying Local

The Buy Lincoln First program was instituted by the Lincoln Chamber of Commerce in 2007 as a promotion to local businesses to consider how they made their purchases.

It is estimated that $3-4 billion annually is spent by Lincoln businesses with vendors outside of the community. The Chamber would like for businesses to reevaluate their spending and move some of those purchases back into Lincoln.

"For the few cents you may save on a particular item, it might be more than made up through the continued expansion of the Lincoln economy," said Wendy Birdsall, Lincoln Chamber of Commerce President. "A growing economy creates more jobs, higher income, and more resources for our government and charitable entities.

"In the long run, the little bit of money you save on a particular purchase may be costing your company."

The Chamber will be sending out pledge cards this month to its members to consider shifting just 5% of its yearly out-of-town expenditures back into Lincoln. For more information on the program, go to

Thu, May 7, 2009

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